About the blog


Finally I landed in this blog world.

Let me tell you a little about the moto behind this blog space.

You all know me pretty much with the name uptill now as Angelnailstudio but I am now — Artooholic ( oh yes I am indeed).

I love art and craft. I found my love for nail art doodling around in school and college days and today here I am. Drawing and painting helped much in this journey so far but yes, I am a learner– a quick learner rather. I always so wanted to write about what I do, what i feel and what i like, I wanted to convey my thoughts behind my work but this blog space and all gave me real hard time hahaha. Never mind… 

This blog is for all the artoholic people who loves anything and everything artistic. I will be sharing my thoughts and views on products related to fashion world ( to elaborate – makeup, beauty tips & tricks, fashion, nail art and never ending). Alongside I love doing DIYs as well so yes will also write and share whatever I find interesting and adaptable or say easy to make things. Not to limit, i would also share some good articles i come across and also would love your take on the same..


I am very talkative so I will talk much with my words here ( giggling).

Ending with seeking your support.