New year Nails

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Wishing you all a very happy happy new year. I hope all must had a great evening enjoying, dancing, food, drinking and what not.. Ekdam dhinchak full on set.. Those fancy clothes, creating glam looks and last moment touch up for selfies (hahahaha). But there are people like me too who sat home, watched tv, baked cake and ate followed by a sound sleep.

I got this beautiful Hex Glitter Sequins J2834-1C from Beauty Big Bang ( direct product link). This comes in 3 different shades and has different reflection shades too which is little tricky to assume how it is going to turn out.

I took few more days to post this because I actually wanted to check the durability of my extension and this art of sequins over the same. I am very happy to share that none of them let me down. Today is 5th day post new year and I am posting this as my review for hex glitter by Beauty Big Bang. They are nicely edged in same sizes i.e. 3mm and which is a great thing in terms of quality if I point.

The one I got reflects as multi colour when it is under the light and hell ya I so love the variation of bright colours which I see. Surely I can say it gives a treat to my eyes. They are thin so it’s very easy to carry them on the Nails in spite of giving a nice sassy look. That is the reason I saved it for the last and thought to do a new year art, lights and disco lights kinda feeling (my imaginations I tell you, blimey!)

How to use :

  1. Apply base coat
  2. Apply your base shade
  3. Apply top coat ( not the quick dry one)
  4. Place the sequins using – toothpick/pickup tool/ orange wood stick/ DIY tool if u have)
  5. Ones you are done with placement as per your desired art, recheck the placement if any uneven sequins to correct.
  6. Seal it with a top coat.
  7. Hola! Click a picture and share 😍

PS- It can be used in many more ways which is coming up soon soon on my blog and am so excited to share my experiments.

Thank you for reading





Mirror unicorn nails

Hola fam!

Here I am back with a sultry simple yet sexy looking nails which is so quick and easy at the same time. As I informed in my last Nailart Blog about a review on unicorn pigment, today I am sharing the same pigment over just a clear gel base to see the actual wow effect of the unicorn colors.

Under the Natural Light

Under Flash Light

I thoroughly loved this pigment because it is really beautiful in person to see than in the image. Apply 2 layers of it with a gel base coat and top coat and you are done.

I have already mentioned product details in terms of weight and size along with a guide on how to use the product SKU-J2831 (product code).

Direct links for the blog and and product is here below.

How to use Blog —> Click me

Unicorn pigment link —> Click me

Don’t forget to use my coupon code to avail side wide 10% off – “ARTO10”. Hit the link below to checkout the widest variety in makeup, nails and hair.

I hope you found it useful.

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Aurora unicorn pigment with Mickey decal nailsΒ 

Hello world with beautiful people out there..

Who loves unicorn? You, you… oh yes you too.. superb.. you will love to see this post than.

Today I am sharing a gorgeous aurora unicorn pigment review with you which I got from Beautybigbang online store and Mickey Mouse water decals from Nailart_nailfiesta. It has such subtle pastle hues which we see in the unicorn colors.

Mickey nails

I am so much in love with the unicorn powder that I am going to do a solo nails with white and black base both together to see how it looks. I am sure you guys want to see as well.

It comes in a container of 0.2g which sealed pack.

 Such pigmented powders would need gel base and Top coat to have a perfect shine and the finish. But here I tried this with a generic top coat and it works equally that great. Yes durability will definitely be an issue if you compare sealed manicure under a gel top coat and a generic top coat. 

Let me share a how to use this right here for ease:

How to use:

1.Prepare your nails with UV base coat,PURE COLOR GEL,No-wipe UV TOP COAT.

2.Use eyeshadow Rub/Pat to pick the powder and apply it onto your nails

3.Repeat the step untill you’re satisfied with the effect.

4.Seal it with UV top coat.

However, I love to apply these pigments with my finger, just rub them all over the canvas (Nail bed) and I am done. You do get tools to apply which I did mention in my previous blog but hey it’s all about preferences.. isn’t it ?

Here below is the list and direct access to the products I used and bought and reviewed.

Mickey water decal from Nailart_Nailfiesta
The yellow goldiness which unicorn powder has its so eye catchy that it blended perfectly with the Mickey water decal. Nailart_nailfiesta water decals are the best till now I ever used which glides down on your nail so easily leaving no lumps n creases. Do checkout her store in the given link below.

Hey hey!! 

Don’t forget to use my coupon code to avail side wide 10% off – “ARTO10”. Hit the link below to checkout the widest variety in makeup, nails and hair.



Foil Nails

I know you all must have complaints for me. Seems like I am playing hide and seek from this place. NahπŸ˜› it’s just the cruel world who wants me to be on my toes you see.. 

Today I am going to share with you a simple easy foil nails which I did for my polish buddies birthday collaboration. The theme was to paint anything with 3 colors and that is – Blue, purple and I forget the 3rd πŸ™.

Nevertheless, I chose blue and purple to give a gradient effect and hit it bro soon I got the idea to use my foil paper like a scattered coloured mirror effect on seeing my glass painted bottle ( I recently shared if u saw n if not check out for sure πŸ˜‡).

Foil Nails

I have a small video tutorial on how I did this on My instagram and also going to post a video soon on my new video channel ( yet updating ) 😍 excited 😍😍. 

Let me tell you what all I used for this beautiful nails πŸ’πŸΌ

Maybelline – Black Current Pop and fast drying top coat as well 

Essie – Bikini So Teeny

My Bliss Kiss – Simply Miracle Mat
UNT – Peel off base coat

Glisten and Glow HK Girl super fast dry top coat

Born Pretty Store Multi Color Metallic Foil

Foil Nails in sun light

I so love the foil as it looks so colourful and shiny . Apply on any colour and it gives you feeling of Yo girl you rock !

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Spring nailsΒ 

We generally have varied seasons experiencing among cross countries.. no matter what par of world we all live in but the base of each one is the same because the creator is the same..

We at polish buddies have a monthly ritual to go through where in one member decides a theme to create nails on. February came in with spring so here is something dedicated to the same.. 

I took three shots -bottle shot, solo shot and a macro shot coz I was thoroughly caught by the look πŸ˜…

Bottle shot -Spring nails

As you can see I have used Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Wet Cement as my base (2 coats) and the water decals are from  Nailart Nailfiesta which are totally beautiful and super easy to use and lastly sealed it with Glistenglow HK uper fast dry top coat. To complete the look and give a perfect finish I clean my cuticles with drugstore remover and my Mitty Burns cleanup flat brush which gives my nails a perfect finish 😍 

Solo Shot Spring nails

I have been away from quite a while so to get back to the track, vinyls, stamps or such ready decals are blessings I would say.

What inspired me to do this look isn’t that fancy k would say honestly because I am wandering clueless now a days and trying to gather as much inspiration I can πŸ˜‡

Macro Shot Spring nails

I took this shot from my new iPhone 7 plus without a macro lense trying out its features. I would say I wasn’t disappointed.

I hope you all liked the above manicure. I shall be back soon with something new.. 
Happy painting !

Harunouta haul

See who is here before Christmas..

Me= lost and found haha but yea the number of piled posts is threatening me to write again πŸ˜‚ wondering how will I accumulate the scatterd resources to makw it one.

Perhaps, it is because I am being extra busy these days with my job and home what my art corner is in real in a corner.

Nevertheless, to cheer me up Harunita store has sent these beautiful items to review.. Most of you might know that it is a parent company of Born pretty store itself but is located in Japan. Suzuki was very kind to contact me to review the products and with that I chose some 5-7 times at the moment to test and see how it goes so lets see what all is here.. 

1) A christmas stamping plate (item code- 25368)

2) A yellow stamping polish  (item code- 27286)

3) Silver chrome powder (item code- 30353)

4) A set of gradient sponge with a holder (item code- 26141)

5) A pack of Stiletto artificial nails ( clear )(item code- 35392) 

6) One multicoloured nail foil (item code- 5361 – (13))

7) A set of detailing brush (item code- 35161)

Stay connected to know what am I going to do with these items.. Thoughts have started pondering.Oh yes…. you and I can use the coupon code – AROT300 to avail 300JPY off on your entire order  



Lakme Metallic Shades

Hey friends,

Been MIA I know.. Got cought up with much pending work after my break and still catching up with it. I have so much to share, so much to talk about, so much to show you all and I dont really know when and how I am going to do that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But yes I will steadily do it with all your love and support.

Today I will be sharing 3 goregousΒ LakmeΒ Metallic shades I got in gift from hubby recently. I am not a lakme lover but I really liked these and hope they wont let me down when it comes to polish drying out in bottle. I have overheard a lot people saying so about this brand. Lets see how these babies are doing at my place..

Left to Right – Shade no. CC55, 503 and 508

The first shade is blue metallic which I found to be kinda denim metallic to be precise. It does not have a name but a shade number which CC55. The application is pretty good and quite opaque at first coat but for perfect look 2 or 3 you may apply as per your desired look. Shown in the picture below I have applied 3 coats without a top coat. It dried much faster on the nails then I expected. I felt the brush could have been little more broad for better application and also would help in avoiding the strokes visible.

Shade no. CC55

Next is beautiful goldish mustard yellow in metallic base.. This is very sheer and translucent. Atleast 3-4 coats are needed to have a perfect opaque Gold finish. Application is very smooth and runny. Unlike Blue this Gold is little time taking to dry.

Shade no.503

Last but not the least is this lushy green shade which is one of my favourite amongst three. This one is pretty opaque alike blue and smooth n pretty n pretty hahaha. I actually dint have a green like this before in my collection so I was totally bewitched the way it looked on me.

Shade no.508

Yea so these were the shades I was playing around. I know these aren’t that new launched n bla bla bla but I owned it recently so they are new for me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Well the story doesn’t end here. I will be sharing the art work also done on them.

So stay tuned..😘😘

PS- All the images are taken under natural day light.

Love to all..

Happy painting

Red Holo Lace nails

Hey there,

Today I am going to share a new swatch of Indian Indie brand Krizia Enterprise Hand crafted Polish having a varied collection of polishes.. Pastels, holographic, creams, crellies are to name few and hey recently she launched Due chromes and Magnetic polishes as well..

POISON APPLE by Krizia Enterprise

The formula of my this polish was quite satisfactory in 1-2 coats but gives u complete coverage with a 3rd one. I noted the fact with this one is by using the sponge technique it absorbs the base color ink and leaves you with pure glitter on your nail bed which makes no sense if you are looking for a colored one so be careful.
I have used a beautiful lace plate from Lady Queen  JQ-L08 which i got for review and you can use my 15% off coupon code – SPPS15. I so love the lacework on it. Yea, I mean its so intricate, those minute lines leaving flawless look on you nails would give you a perfect manicure.The plate is of thin steel metal so yes there you need to be careful while using it and storing as well.

Ladyqueen JQ- L08 plate

I used a clear stamper from Go.Diva nails. She is an Indian seller for many nailart products so fellow Indian nail enthusiast this is a good place for you to check variety. She has a Facebook page and Instagram page with the same name. 

Go.diva Nails Clear Stamper

For stamping I used NewU Silver Brown  polish which is so pigmented that it works wondeful for stamping. 

Hence, this is how the mani got complete after using varied products with great patiences πŸ˜‚. Seems enough for the post.

Cya till next 😚

Caramel Crunch Nails


As discussed in my last post about my traveling being reason of my absence from all socials is ending now 😐😐…. But hey 😍 I’ve got galore of things to share πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. So yea i shall cover up soon 😍.. 

Today I am going to share a very newbie added to my stash which I received as a gift. Must be thinking that kassshh (may) I get such a friend who would gift such goodies πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. Well the story behind the gift was a gesture of thank you to me as me being helpful to her 😊😊.  So if you want my help, you know well what you have to give me in return (giggling) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… 

‘ Caramel’ by Amway

A beautiful caramel nude shade from Amway named as Caramel is relishing on my nails at the moment. It is a one coater opaque shade but shown in the image is two without a top coat under natural day light. I really like the creaminess of the polish which was real smooth application wise. I never used Amway polishes before so was not expecting much from it but voila… It was bingo… On the other side to say it was not too fast dry but yea better than average so if you are getting good deal then it can be a steal for sure for such colors πŸ˜‰.

Lace Nails on Caramel by Amway

I did an elegant n graceful lace nails over this shade. I got many inklings of doing something with black over this nudish cruncy caramel shade which lead me towards actually I would rather say I finally landed and ended doing what you see right upπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I have used water decals which are under testing phase from Angel Nail Studio

Macro shot

Here is a macro shot of my lace nails featuring the delicate lines, flower n leaves.. Isn’t it pretty? Do share you reviews on the same by commenting below. 

See you then…


Indian Independence DayΒ 

​Hello friends!

Today  India is celebrating 70th Independence Day. As a tribute to the same I have done a very simple nails. I have used the tricolours on the white base with Water Spotting Technique. I really like how it turned out specially blue shade πŸ˜‰ n ahannn got a new mani idea with that.. 

70th Indian Independence Day
Krizia Enterprise Matte Top Coat
Chichi Cosmetics Daisy Duke Bikini n Relax! Dont Do It
Nykaa’s Blue Raspberry

I couldn’t do as planned because of the hectic schedule I had so Water Spotting Technique saved me. It is pretty simple how? Read it belowπŸ‘‡

  1. Take some water in a container or whatever you use.
  2. Drop your prefered polish on it.
  3. Spray onto it with whatever works the best for you. E.g – Aceton/hair spray/ perfume n whatnot πŸ˜‚
  4. Deep your finger to transfer the prefered spot on your nails.
  5. Apply a top coat to seal your nails.
  6. Oh la la, you are done.

Nonetheless, I am writing this blog sitting in TRAIN πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. yes correct you read it right. I am travelling ang going on a mini vacation yay ( shouting out loud). 
PS- I will share some moments too…

Thank you for reading. 

Chao 😚😚