Chrome flakes


Name is enough to say all about isn’t it 😉.

So yes, I am back again sharing a new look with my favourite holo chrome flakes I got from BeautyBigBang. I have already done a review before but still if in case you guys missed it then this one is for you all my lovlies😘.

I am not obsessed with holo effect alike rest who hype it like way to much but yes it certainly looks attractive to eyes seeing hues blinging on your nails, haieee 😍 ( m sounding one obsessed lover thou 😂) .

Anyways the product code is – SKU 2425 Chrome flakes (holo) (direct link to the product). It comes in 0.2g box which is enough for few manicures. As you can see in the image, the box is full of product which is very good thing.

It’s very easy to use. Hence, follow the steps below 😉

How to use:

1.Prepare your nails with UV Base Coat, Black Color GEL, No-wipe UV Top Coat.

2.Use eyeshadow Rub/Pat to pick the powder and apply it onto your nails

3.Repeat the step untill you’re satisfied with the effect.

4.Seal it with UV Top Coat.

  1. Flaunt your nails and tag us 😍

PS- You can surely add/remove your preferences of gel/colour from the steps.

Alright than that’s it. I am sure these flakies will blow your mind being easy to apply and carry. TIP– even if you don’t have a gel UV Top coat or base, don’t worry this flakies works great under a normal top coat as well with good duration on sealing.

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Happy painting!!




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Dry Brush Nails

Hey you chickies,

Today I am sharing a nail art manicure I did for my polish buddies birthday collaboration. Yes, we often surprise our nail sisters by recreating their manis, using their fav colour or what not..

So for today’s mani I have used Dry brush nail technique ( a technique where you stroke the colours with the most minimal of colours on the brush) ( PS- that is version of defining, everyone has their own of describing).

I have used five polishes and a top coat here for this look.

How to do –

  1. Apply your base coat
  2. Apply the base colour ( white – acc to d the pic)
  3. Using dry brush technique- take one coloured polish and clean the excess of polish in the bottle itself. Making sure the brush has minimal of polish is looks quite dry.
  4. Stroke out the dried brush on your nail in your preferred pattern and repeat until you get your desired pattern.
  5. Repeat with the next colour.
  6. Apply glitter topper on the nails.
  7. Seal the manicure with a super shiny and fast dry top coat to avoid chipping or messy look.
  8. Taddaaa! You are done with gorgeous mani there 😉
  9. Pose your nails and click a picture 😉

My theme was dry brush nails using birthday girl’s favourite colours which are pretty clear from the images – lavender, gold and pink. So umm, here I came up with a simple, quick and beautiful manicure.

I hope you guys liked it. Please share your comments below and thank you much for reading.




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I was a seed..

I was a seed first, connected to my maaa, maaa always fed me timely because she wanted me to grow. Grow younger and stronger. Stronger coz to fight for right. Right to speak, to act and most importantly, the right to be myself–

Gradient Gold
We sow seed, water them, nurture them and see them grow. Such an ultimatum feeling that is. That happiness when the said plant blossoms with a fruit of its own or a flower of its own which widens our jaw but contrary is the feeling when the same fruit or flower is being plucked.

In this busy world we often gift one another precious items but rarely one would think out of box to gift a plant. Even if gifted, some may not value it unless they love nature and the beauty it has. I always question to my self, why don’t one assimilate it?

Gradient Gold

God has given us so many gifts in the surrounding. I often enjoy my atemporal afternoons of childhood I spent gazing the beauty of serene nature.


We live in colorful and beautified homes than why not to spare some beauty and colors for our plants? Make them feel gorgeous by giving them wow house. With this I ended up painting these clay pots.

Bright and Wright

It’s my first time I painted altogether six pots, chose plants when been to nursery and yes I confess I had a feeling of — I WANT ALL OF THESE BEAUTY BABIES. I could have painted them all alike but NaH :/ not wise bro..

Gold Plated Splatter

Yes I love nature and painting. Give me colors, brushes, camera and some papers with music around near nature and I am sold hahaha.

Alas! I would say, please do as much as planting you can. It’s very beneficial for your family and also adds value to young ones( if you have) and lot more. 




Holo flakie french 

Who doesn’t love glitz n glam?

Some sparkly dust on cam..

Something you can resist and hold

But yes surely leaves eye cold..

Yes, I am sharing some glittery look today.

Holo flakes under flash light

Sharing my holo flakie nails along  with review for you which I did during Navratri festival ( 9days n 9 nights festival celebration done in India).So, pretty obvious girls love such glitz and glamorous look specially have right to flaunt the same (you got me man :d) 

Macro in flash light

I have used Beautybigbang product SKU J2425 a holo flakie 😍 which is amazing just amazing. It’s very easy to use which a sponge stick coming along with the package.

Holo effect in day light

You can use various ways to apply the same – with a finger, with fan brush, regular brush, dipping nail in d container to suggest few. The size you need for a nail is very less depending on your planned look but for sure you can create great number of manicures with it 😻.

Close up
I have also done a simple classic French on the same along with a tutorial ( Click for Tutorial). It looks same over black, clear or any coloured based because these are flakes and would cover your entire nail leaving nothing for visibility and are not translucent to reflect any base underneath.

Beautybigbang has great variety of products in all categories you look for related to beauty though. The best part is it ships world wide and are fast. Most importantly are customer friendly.
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I hope you enjoyed and liked the blog today.

Thank you for reading.

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And d End..

Been battling around..

In this safocated surround..

Wondering what ought to come now..

Mind figuring it out baffled n how.. 

Not so easy to be strong and still..

It demands lot of asperity and will..

Shattered, crumbled into pieces

In the journey of hunting peace-s..

Blessed to have a second chance.. 

Promise Mom will make life prance..



Sitting side by with thoughts in mind some colours around and a bottle found… Not so wow but not so aww, made it simple with colours used in ample, though it was just not less than a sample 😅

To add colours you need transparency… just like a clear glass slate who allows you to add your colours on it and makes it its own… similarly to add colours of life (love,care, warmth, support, understanding, anger, dominance, possessiveness, love making, cuddling n more) in your life to build any relationship you need transparency as your base to make one your own…

Isn’t it? 

See through

Would be sharing some more #nonail blogs soon..
Happy Painting..

It’s a beautiful day 

Moon 🌙 greeting Sun ☀️

💎Moon is settling down while sun is risingly found..

💎While the world is still in their bedding ground..

💎Life has beautiful gifts if you accept and see

💎Don’t worry he isn’t asking in return any fee..

💎Given to us in may ways, life has to say something always..

💎However hard you try, you have to dive in all the phase..

💎Embracing nature gives me joy..

💎I am falling in love with it oh boy!
I so couldn’t stop myself from clicking this when I saw and was in sense Hey! Sun is wishing goodbye to a Moon or say Moon is greeting Sun good day ☀️

It was a busy college day as you can see in the image but the start was just perfectly beautiful on seeing this..

I always admire nature to the fullest. I can say I am really very closely attached to it. I so love to see the natural gifts we have got from the surrounding in real than the materialistic ones which fades in no time. People often run behind things and tries to treasure them but forgetting the fact that it’s temporary wherein NATURE is the only treasure box if you dig in deep daily you will get gifts to widen up your smile .. 

With the changing time everyone seems to have forgotten to experience the surrounding. Looking at the dawning sky 🌌 sun rising high crashing the wind fine.. Those playful games in the grounds getting dirty and messy with buddies ah! So nostalgic it is..

Stay tuned for the next…